Fairline Luxury Charter Albufeira

Sit down, relax and enjoy this amazing Fairline Luxury Charter Algarve cruise in pure luxury!


Our Fairline Luxury Charter Albufeira is a Private Luxury Yacht Hire, perfect in size and comfort for exploring your stay in the Algarve, Portugal, among the Atlantic waters.

Number of Passengers

The Fariline Targa 47 Yacht Charter has a maximum capacity of 10 people + 2 Crew Members.


Morning Cruise 975€ (10h – 13h)
Afternoon Cruise 1100€ (14h – 17h)
Sunset Cruise 900€ (17:30h – 20:30h)
Full Day Cruise 2000€ (10h – 17h)
Alternative hours available upon request. 


All hours listed above.


Dress Code: If you feel like going for a swim on the Atlantic waters, then please bring your swimsuits and towels.

On Board: When you join us on this Fairline Yacht Charter, you’ll have included in the price all drinks – champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks and waters, available at your disposal.  *You must be over 18 years old to be served alcohol.

Fairline Luxury Charter Albufeira

Join us on our Fairline Luxury Charter Albufeira and come aboard the most luxurious yacht charter in Vilamoura Marina, Algarve! 

This Fairline Luxury Yacht Charter has the perfect size to welcome aboard 10 people with great areas for comfort and exploring the Atlantic Waters along the Algarve Coastline, taking the breathtaking views of the Caves and Rock Formations while chartering the Algarve on this Private Luxury Yacht Charter.

The Fairline Yacht Charter Algarve is everything you need to enjoy life on water!

The stunning yacht takes up to 10 people on board and has ample sunbathing areas for pure luxury and indulgence. The Fairline Yacht Charter also has a Jet Rib Boat in the garage ready for you to try your hand at a few Water Sports like Wakeboarding, Water Skiing and Inflatables if you feel a bit more adventurous!

All you have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy this amazing cruise along the Algarve Coastline. Here at Water Sports Albufeira Algarvexcite we pride ourselves in offering the best yacht charter in the Algarve region in Portugal! If you are looking for the best prices on yahct charter rental, you are sure to get the best quality and service with our Fairline Yacht Charter Algarve! 

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