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Happy Pack

With the Happy Pack you will enjoy 15 min of Banana + 30min of Jet Ski! Come and let yourselves go wild as you ride the waves and feel the Adrenalin whilst driving a Jet Ski in the Algarve

Price: 65€ per person

Jet Pack

With this Jet Pack you will enjoy 30min of Jet Ski Rental + General Lee Jet Boat. This extreme package is only for the wild, best Jet Boat Ride in the Algarve and Fastest Jet Skis for hire. 

Price: 80€ per person

Flow Pack

With the Flow Pack you will enjoy 15min of Crazy UFO + 15min of Banana Boat Ride + 15min Water Skiing or Wakeboarding in the Algarve! There is no staying dry on the pack as you race along the Algarve coastline!

Price: 70€ per person

Wild Pack

With the Happy Pack you will enjoy 15 min of Banana + 30min of This Wet & Wild Pack will take you on an amazing 10 minute Parasailing flying up high in the sky + an amazing  30min of our General Lee Jet Boat Ride! Let’s go wild as you ride the waves on the Jet Boat and feel the Adrenalin rush as you fly high in the sky with Parasailing!

Price: 65€ per person

Skid Pack

With this Skid Pack you will enjoy the 30 min General Lee Jet Boat Ride + 30 min of Jet Skis + Parasailing! The ultimate scream machine Jet Boat in the Algarve and slip and slide on the Jet Skis then relax on the Parasailing. Laughter and fun guaranteed!

Price: 115€ per person

Sea Pack

With the Sea Pack you are guaranteed to have an adrenalin fuelled activity pack! Enjoy 30 min of Jet Skis + Parasailing + 15 min Flyboard + 30 min Jet Boat Ride! This fun packed adrenalin pumping activity pack is not for the faint of heart!  

Price: 180€ per person

Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack is provided for those looking to enjoy a few hours or fun and adventure in the water! Don’t miss out on this fun packed adrenanlin fuelled pack! Enjoy Parasailing + 30 min of General Lee Jet Boat Ride + 30 min Jet Skis + 1 hour Speed Boat Ride with unlimited Water Sports such as Water Skiing, Wakeboarding and Water Inflatables!  

Price: 250€ per person

Guidelines & Rules

Dress Code: This experience involves getting wet! Wear whatever you would like to get wet in! We recommend swimmers and light shorts and a t-shirt. Life jackets will be provided.

Rules: Children aged 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult. Passengers who are pregnant, suffer from back, neck and heart conditions and/or any other pre-existing conditions or injuries may be advised not to participate.


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